$5 off Meijer mPerks Coupon (Saturday)

On Saturday at 8am, Meijer will release an mPerks coupon CODE valid for $5.00 off your total purchase!

You will need to enter this coupon code in the “code” box on the mperks page. This coupon will only be available to clip Saturday. But valid for a few days out.

Find more information on the Meijer facebook page!

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  1. 1

    whoopee ! Got 4 of them

  2. 2

    What exactly are we supposed to enter in the “offer code” box?

  3. 5

    Is this coupon only for select people? I followed directions and went through facebook and entered my code but it said not available.

  4. 6

    I did it just now and it worked. Maybe try again?

  5. 7

    I’m soo mad, I clipped the coupon as stated on the date and it said clipped, but I didn’t print off my coupon list and now when I went to print them, it wasn’t there. Anyone else have that problem?

  6. 8

    Do you know if you can you use this mperk coupon with the Saturday only 5% off entire grocery purchase mperk coupon?

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