Mission Joy- Oakley

Mission Joy

 Families across the ocean, nation and in our own back yard are suffering. Maybe you and your family are or someone close to you. SavingAddiction has always encouraged you to save money, not only to bless your family but so you can give to help others. Mission JOY is just an extension of our main mission.

 Mission Joy is an act of service, love and compassion. Each month we will provide you with a local family that is in need of encouragement and support. We as a family of SavingAddiction readers will bless each family as the Lord leads.


  • Pray. Add this family to your prayers. Talk about what they are going through and ask God to show you how you can help.
  • Write. A literal card in the mail is so rare, but so refreshing to receive! Send them a card letting them know you are thinking of them and encouraging words.
  • Blessing. When people think of giving to others they think $50, $100 or more. For most of us that is not always possible. Do you know that if each SavingAddiction reader gave just $5 to a family each month it would be more than $10,000 combined!!! Now that’s a blessing!
  • Serve. Read these families stories through their blogs or facebook pages and ask God how you can help. It may be providing meals, snacks, gift cards, ext… When you give to others it takes the focus off of you and your problems and needs, so freeing.
  • Involve your family. Children today are so consumed with self. Ask them to write cards, scripture or notes to bless this family. Ask them about others they know that may be hurting. How can you help your children serve others naturally? Children bring out the giving heart in people, they make the best fundraisers. They can gather pop cans, sell candy bars, make things, hold donation drives, ext… to give to those in heed

Mission Joy is as simple as putting Jesus first, Others next and Yourself last. JOY is not a natural body function; it is a reaction to deep love Jesus has put inside your heart.

Galatians 5:22

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.


Mission Joy- Oakley

Our first family for Mission Joy is Oakley’s family. He is a courageous little boy (almost 4 years old) with kidney disease and a rare Prune Belly Syndrome. You can read about his history here or keep track of his progress on his facebook page.

Oakley’s birthday is Sept 2 and we are encouraging all of you to send him a birthday card. Let’s help his mom give him a birthday he will remember! If you can add in a blessing for the family along with card that will be very much appreciated!

Send Cards to :

Oakley Savickas
Wayland, MI 49438 

Pray this prayer with us.

Father, you are the Creator and Sustainer of life. We praise you for the life of Oakley. Please touch, comfort and provide healing for his body as only You can. Continue to bring Oakley the courage to fight the good fight. Most of all fill his heart with Your love and the knowledge of Your saving grace. Give us a burning desire to help this family in a big way. We believe in Your miraculous healing! Amen

Do you know a family that would be encouraged by our SavingAddiction readers? Submit their story, blogs or facebook pages describing what they have been going through. We will feature a new family each month.

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There have been many changes over the summer at our home. One being my oldest working long hours most days away from home. After a week of that I really started to ponder the concept of time. My time with him will only be less and less from now on. I have been a stay at home mom and even homeschooled him his whole life but I cant help but wish I would’ve spent more time with him.

I have laid awake nights trying to weed my life of things I waste time on so I have more time with my 8 children. This life has so much to offer us to keep us busy… But why do we want to be busy? People say to me whenever I am out, “Wow you must be busy with all those children”. Well yes I am busy busy busy…. but when I reflect on my days, I am still not content with the way I spend all of my time.

Reflecting on time wasting will last beyond my youngest leaving the home I am sure. But today being sure my time is used as God would have me use it is important and I must be obedient.

Deep thought…

If Jesus were with me everyday (He is :) ) would I  use my time different?

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Update on Ezra


Manyof you have emailed wondering about my little guy, Ezra, and how he is doing. Thank you for the out pouring of love, concern and support! I created a blog that I try to update regularly for him at  http://hopeforezra.blogspot.com/.

He’s still in the hospital. He’s approaching 4 months old! He has severe chronic lung disease and his little lungs are pretty bad off. Right now he is breathing with the support of pressure and oxygen through a CPAP machine. When this machine is removed he tanks. His doctors move at a snail pace with him because he doesn’t tolerate change very well. The only cure for Ezra is time and nutrition. They have him on an extremely high calorie supplement to give him enough calories because his body works so hard at breathing he burns a lot of calories, making weight gain and growth a challenge. He’s reached 7lbs but is only 17in long.

Our once structured, peaceful home has been turned upside down and is now in shambles. We need prayers for peace! My 5 other children have had there entire schedule and routine uprooted. They get passed around like popcorn day to day. In one weeks time we had a bullet fly through our children’s bathroom wall from outside (police are still investigating) and our washer machine leak twice causing $1,000′s of dollars in damage to our home. So now our home has to be renovated and put back together.  Between hospital and home, I now have to factor in carpet, wood, drywall, and painting repairs into our already hectic days!

Everyday has been a struggle to choose joy over despair. God has taught our family a lot through this ordeal, and we know He’s not done teaching .

Specific things we need prayers for;

Slow Respiration:

Ezra works very hard to breath. The only way I can describe it is like hyperventilating -breathing short, shallow breaths fast. We need his respiration’s to slow down and for him to take long, deep breaths.  (a healthy baby breathes 20-40 times a minute, Ezra breathes 60-100 times a minute)

Peep Lowered/ Nasal Canula:

Ezra is on a CPAP setting of 6. Next step is a 5, then it’s nasal cannula. He’s on the brink of getting lowered to a 5. We need out pouring of prayers that he can last at a 5, and then prayers for him to make it to nasal cannula and thrive! We can bring Ezra home on nasal cannula, we can’t bring him home on cpap. Ezra will be able to eat by mouth once on Nasal Cannula, as long as his respiratory rate is less than 70.

Ezra’s Eyes:

Ezra has ROP disease of his eyes. It ranges in stages of 1-4.  4 Being the most severe- retina deattachment causing blindness. Ezra started out as a Stage 2 and 3. He began healing to where he was a stage 1 a week ago. And now he’s back to a stage 2/3. The eye doctor is a bit puzzled, because Ezra is healing so his eyes should be too. Please pray for complete healing of his eyes, none of this back and forth stuff. Our hearts can’t handle that.

Ezra’s Siblings:

As noted above we are struggling as a family. Our family unit has been shaken to the core. Please pray for our home. Peace and love would fill each of our hearts.

Upcoming Surgery:

Once Ezra reaches nasal cannula, and eats by mouth he will be on the fast track to home. Ezra will need to undergo surgery to repair a hernia which is rather large. Normally this is a routine surgery, but with Ezra, not so much. He will need to be placed back on a ventilator for the surgery. Due to his lungs being so poor, this could set him back greatly where after surgery he may not be able to come off the ventilator! I am trying to not worry about the surgery at this moment because we have LOTS of milestones to overcome beforehand. But please pray for wisdom and peace. It may be possible to bring him home and prolong the surgery, I just need to convince the doctors of that.


You see me talking a lot about “home”. That’s our hearts desire, to bring our baby home. While I talk about it daily, the doctors make me out to be foolish. He is no where near ready to come home. I continue to believe in miracles. I’m waiting for that moment where God just WOW’s the doctors. I believe God can make a statement through Ezra’s healing, that He is a God who is all powerful, all knowing, all present! Please pray for WOWing of the physicians to occur!!


Please pray for my faith. Some days I’m strong, other days I’m weak and have lots of fears and doubts.


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What is your lifework? This is not asking what you do for a job or how you make money. Rather what has God asked you to do for Him and for a lifetime.

For all of us, our lifework is to tell of Jesus and His love for this world. We also have a lifework that He calls us to as individuals. Your lifework may be mothering, helping your community, helping the sick, or being a missionary in your own town or across the ocean. Our lifework is not always fun, or we might not feel qualified. That is because this work is not done or completed easily. We often are on uncharted waters not sure where the Shipmaster is taking us. But we stay strong and continue to work, not because we know how it ends but rather we know deep down we were called to do this. It is not a work that is finished in days, months, or even years. It is our lifework.

No matter what season of your lifework you are going through, remember it does not need to be completed or figured out today… You have a lifetime to complete your lifework.

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Year of the Twins….


Year of the Twins….

Babies are 1 year old! We made it!! Anyone who has twins knows that huge satisfaction of surviving the first year. Our girls are now walking around the house and enjoying the new found freedom. It is great to see them waddle past, fall to their bottoms and get right back up and at it.


1 year old twins are so much fun. When they were infants it was just constant work, now we are able to reap some rewards with them. They hug and kiss us. They laugh when we play with them. They talk to each other and play (not always so nice) together. They can communicate a tiny bit with us with about their needs (I love baby sign language).

This year for us will go down in our family history as the hardest year so far. That being said it will go down as the year of strengthening for our family as well. It is hard for me to remember what life was like without the twins but when I look back at pictures I see different people than I see now. I see a family that has taken a year off from doing what was “normal” and doing “hard” things. My kids have really grown this year… sacrificed, matured, learned new responsibility, and served more than maybe they wanted too.


This year was hard with the babies having severe colic from the first few days they were born till about 5 months, both of them experiencing reflux for months and months, and then suffering with allergies from 4 months on. If we don’t factor in the twins and their problems, this year will still go down as the hardest for us. We as a family struggled with so much sickness back to back, 2 surgeries, 2 major infections, over 30 gall bladder attacks, post partum depression, financial hardship, too many house problems to mention, electrical fire, propane leak, dental problems and on and on.

When we were in the midst of all that it was hard to see all the blessings of the year, but now we can see them so clear. God has really blessed us beyond measure too! Most of all I have my sweet identical twin girls I have always prayed for, I had the birth of my dreams, we have not had to buy 1 diaper yet for our twins, our birth was completely paid for, meals and more meals (if I every tried to total them it would probably 2 months or more), food and groceries given time after time, the Lord waking up babies or children to save our family from disaster, crib/car seats/Christmas gifts/clothing/and much more given to us, a huge tax refund, and so many willing people to help us with the twins, people we knew and others we didn’t but are now life long friends! When we stand back and look at the blessings they far out weigh the hardships that seemed to overcome us at the time.


Wow that was quite a long and honest report of the past year of at our house. I couldn’t end this with out pleading for your continued prayers for Lauren, her family and sweet baby Ezra. Our hard year seems like nothing when I think of how hard they are fighting for their family. But if God is still the same yesterday, today and forever like He says He is… they are in for tremendous blessings to come along with their trials. Whatever the trial or hardship in your life (big or small)… God will sustain you and carry you through.

Heaven will be forever and we will know His love and peace forever then. Hold tight to Jesus and His word!

As for me and my house… We will serve the LORD! Joshua 24:15


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