Her Worth is Far Above Rubies


Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.

This is the first verse of the famous Proverbs 31. Let’s take a look at this glorious woman and every aspect of her life.

The first verse proclaims this woman as virtuous. What exactly is virtuous? Biblegateway says, Literally a wife of valor, in the sense of all forms of excellence. Others explain virtuous as strength. Either way, any meaning you can come up with, would all lead to a woman who stands out among a crowd of women to her husband.

This woman had a way about her that made her a prize for her husband. When we think back to our wedding day that was exactly what we were. We all probably dressed up and we were a beautiful site to behold. While that may have been the first attraction for our husbands, they most likely adored more than that about us. A few verses later it describes beauty as passing, so our beauty can only get us so far with our husbands. When they described virtue as strength it would most likely be a strong character. When we walked down that aisle it was for more than what there is on the outside. Our character is what shines out of our hearts, in other words, it is Jesus in us! Our husbands choose us because we had a strong character years ago… How is our character today? Is it the same? Have we changed for the better? The worse? It is true that we should be together for better or worse, but we should all be striving for a stronger character each day!

The second part is our worth, far above rubies! A wonderful woman is worth more than precious stones! How wonderful to know that our efforts and faithfulness is appreciated! It reminds me of our salvation, absolutely FREE but yet worth more than we are able to describe with the human language. Jesus is our King and when we live for Him, as wives, we take part in His worth and become more valuable than precious stones!

Some people look at Proverbs 31 as an impossible example of a woman. For me it is a beautiful look inside of the heart, home and life of daughter of the King!

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Joy Comes in the Morning!


I just want to take a minute and thank everyone for their prayers! God has heard and blessed us with good news at my doctor’s appointment yesterday;

My amniotic fluid level went up! We were at a 5 and now we are near an 8, despite the continued leaking!

It was very surreal for the doctor to look me in the eyes and say “you shouldn’t be in my office right now.” He then continued to tell my husband and I that he has never had a patient go on this far (3 weeks) after their water breaks. He told us he can tell us what the text books say, but everything he’s learned is not happening in this situation. He then labeled me as “stable!”


Tuesday I will be 24 weeks, and we will start steroids and decide on continued care (home bed rest or hospital bed rest.)

Please pray we make the best decision for the health of the baby and our family.

I don’t know what the future may hold, but I’m thankful for each day of life!

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Pregnancy Update: It’s a Boy!



This is an update on my pregnancy. I do realize we are a money saving website so please feel free to skip this post, if you’re not interested in my personal life.

Click “read more” to read my update.

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9 Month Twin Update


I can hardly believe these babies fit into those 9 month old onesies! When Lauren made them for me I thought they would never fit my little peanuts! They are growing and getting to be so happy with every new milestone of freedom!


Lilly is lagging behind Raine with just 1 tooth, Raine has 2. They are both crawling all over the house and pulling themselves up to stand by anyone (well mainly me) and anything!

Sleeping is still not their favorite thing to do. They take a 20 minute cat nap most days and the nights are… oh so hard still. In 9 months I have had such little amounts of sleep and my body feels it everyday.


Our life continues to challenge us daily as well. I have told many people, this has been the hardest year of our lives. Now if I take the twins out of the equation, it is still the hardest year yet (by far)! What does this all mean for my family and faith? We are stronger and closer than ever. The enemy hates family and tries so hard to wreak havoc on our lives to drive us apart. We refuse to let that happen! I praise the Lord that He led us to homeschool, because my days (and nights) are long and with new challenges everyday I need my children to keep me on the right path! We get to see each other at our best and worst and this year has been lots of tough moments. They are really the ones who has carried us through! I am so thankful for each one and the gifts and treasures they bring to our family!

Enough rambling for this 9 month baby post! :)

Enjoy a peak into my homeschool life with….

You know you’re a homeschool mom if…

Your 15 year old comes to u and says, “I think I have dyspepsia”!

When your 2 year old says you look like Stonewall Jackson.

When your children are in trouble, you threaten to take away their library books!

When your child says, he learned how to say, “I have the hay fever” in Dutch!

If you get jeans on, your 2 and 4 year old run to the door to get their boots on, because we must be going somewhere!

When your child walks through the grocery store telling strangers they have the “GIFT” of Dyslexia!

When another homeschool mom you have never met starts to talk to you about how fun it is to homeschool without even confirming that you do!

When your child’s favorite song is “The Presidents Song”.

During a trivia game the question is asked, “What illegal drug is Jamaica known for exporting?” Answer was said as marijuana. Your 8 year old protests saying, marijuana can’t be illegal they saw a friend from church drinking that the other day! Lol

When a whole box of 64 crayons lasts 1 week, a clean kitchen last 1/2 of a second, the roll of toilet paper is always empty and some weeks the only clothes that need to be washed is our PJs! :)

Your turn! :)

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21 Week Update: My Trip to the Hospital!


This is an update on my pregnancy. I do realize we are a money saving website so please feel free to skip this post, if you’re not interested in my personal life. 

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