There have been many changes over the summer at our home. One being my oldest working long hours most days away from home. After a week of that I really started to ponder the concept of time. My time with him will only be less and less from now on. I have been a stay at home mom and even homeschooled him his whole life but I cant help but wish I would’ve spent more time with him.

I have laid awake nights trying to weed my life of things I waste time on so I have more time with my 8 children. This life has so much to offer us to keep us busy… But why do we want to be busy? People say to me whenever I am out, “Wow you must be busy with all those children”. Well yes I am busy busy busy…. but when I reflect on my days, I am still not content with the way I spend all of my time.

Reflecting on time wasting will last beyond my youngest leaving the home I am sure. But today being sure my time is used as God would have me use it is important and I must be obedient.

Deep thought…

If Jesus were with me everyday (He is :)) would I  use my time different?

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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What is your lifework? This is not asking what you do for a job or how you make money. Rather what has God asked you to do for Him and for a lifetime.

For all of us, our lifework is to tell of Jesus and His love for this world. We also have a lifework that He calls us to as individuals. Your lifework may be mothering, helping your community, helping the sick, or being a missionary in your own town or across the ocean. Our lifework is not always fun, or we might not feel qualified. That is because this work is not done or completed easily. We often are on uncharted waters not sure where the Shipmaster is taking us. But we stay strong and continue to work, not because we know how it ends but rather we know deep down we were called to do this. It is not a work that is finished in days, months, or even years. It is our lifework.

No matter what season of your lifework you are going through, remember it does not need to be completed or figured out today… You have a lifetime to complete your lifework.

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Her Worth is Far Above Rubies


Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.

This is the first verse of the famous Proverbs 31. Let’s take a look at this glorious woman and every aspect of her life.

The first verse proclaims this woman as virtuous. What exactly is virtuous? Biblegateway says, Literally a wife of valor, in the sense of all forms of excellence. Others explain virtuous as strength. Either way, any meaning you can come up with, would all lead to a woman who stands out among a crowd of women to her husband.

This woman had a way about her that made her a prize for her husband. When we think back to our wedding day that was exactly what we were. We all probably dressed up and we were a beautiful site to behold. While that may have been the first attraction for our husbands, they most likely adored more than that about us. A few verses later it describes beauty as passing, so our beauty can only get us so far with our husbands. When they described virtue as strength it would most likely be a strong character. When we walked down that aisle it was for more than what there is on the outside. Our character is what shines out of our hearts, in other words, it is Jesus in us! Our husbands choose us because we had a strong character years ago… How is our character today? Is it the same? Have we changed for the better? The worse? It is true that we should be together for better or worse, but we should all be striving for a stronger character each day!

The second part is our worth, far above rubies! A wonderful woman is worth more than precious stones! How wonderful to know that our efforts and faithfulness is appreciated! It reminds me of our salvation, absolutely FREE but yet worth more than we are able to describe with the human language. Jesus is our King and when we live for Him, as wives, we take part in His worth and become more valuable than precious stones!

Some people look at Proverbs 31 as an impossible example of a woman. For me it is a beautiful look inside of the heart, home and life of daughter of the King!

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New year/ New Start


It doesn’t matter how big or little of a celebration you will have as we enter into this new year, we all have somewhat of a fresh slate feeling. Every person has struggle or improvement to be made in one aspect or another of their life. Maybe for you it is finances, weight, marriage or some sort of self betterment. Whatever it may be, I challenge you to surrender it to the only Person that can truly help you through.

Why did Jesus the God of this universe come down to be Emmanuel (God with us)? He came to be one of us… To feel things as we do. To experience hurts, struggles and victories along side of us, something that could not have been done unless He (God of the universe) became a man Himself and lived as we live in this broken world. How cool is that! We have a God who knows what it is like to be us… Not only did He create us, He is one of us! That is unlike any other god…

2014 is the time to let your Savior save you from the struggles!

2014 is the time to let your Redeemer give you victory where you need it!

2014 is time for you to accept the forgiveness your Father has already given you!

2014 is the time to draw closer to your best Friend then ever before!

2014 is time for you to let go and let God!

Praise Him for what He has done and what He is about to do in your life!

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His Name Is Jesus

His Name Is Jesus

In Genesis - the seed of the woman
Exodus – the passover lamb
Leviticus – atoning sacrifice
Numbers – the smitten rock
Deuteronomy – the prophet
Joshua – the captain
Judges – the deliverer
Ruth – the kinsman
Kings – the ruler
Nehemiah – the restorer
Ester – the advocate
Job – the redeemer
Psalms – the shepherd
Proverbs – wisdom
Ecclesiastes the goal
Song of Solomon – the groom
Prophets – the coming one
Gospels – the God-man
Acts – the risen one
Epistles – head of the church
Revelation – the WORTHY ONE

Anyone read through the Bible in 90 days with us a few years ago??

Our family is gearing up to do that again starting in January. Please join us again!

Received this card in the mail yesterday (text posted above) that sparked our flame! Our goal this year is to find Jesus in every book of the Bible! He IS in every scripture!

(Credit: DaySpring card)

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