DIY: Body Wash Recipe

This may freak many people out, but…. I have stopped wearing antiperspirant  (for the most part)! Now before you drop dead on the floor let me explain a few things:

  • The aluminum packed in antiperspirant tends to frighten me! Women apply aluminum so close to their breast tissue/lymph nodes, makes me wonder if this is a possible link to cancer due to 100% skin absorption rate (see study below).
  • I have always needed to use the clinical strength deodorant, because I tend to stink when I sweat.  But good news- NOT NO MORE due to a few changes I made. (husband approved this theory, he has done the sniff test the past few weeks!)

I believe body odor can be related to many different factors (diet, body wash, hormones, etc). I figured out what my issues were and I began to test a few cures/remedies out.

Step 1 : For the past 6 months I have cleansed my liver from impurities by simply drinking lemon water each morning.

Step 2: Changed my body wash. If you just flip your body wash container over you’ll be surprised to see 10+ ingredients listed with 8 of them being chemicals we can’t even pronounce. This is what we are cleansing our bodies with?!

“A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage. Other studies found the face to be several times more permeable than broad body surfaces and an absorption rate of 100% for underarms and genitalia. And another peer-reviewed study showed 100% absorption for fragrance ingredients. source

  • Brown et al. The role of skin absorption as a route of exposure for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking water. Am J Public Health. 1984 May; 74(5): 479–484.
  • Kasting and Kretsos.Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2005;18:55-74
  • Robinson et al. The Importance of Exposure Estimation in the Assessment of Skin Sensitization risk. Contact Dermatitis 2000; 42:251-259.
  • Most body washes are only clogging your pores and glands with chemicals and other unknown ingredients. That’s why many people suffer from odor and other skin issues. Now you get the reason on why I decided to make my own body wash.

    Create Your Own Body Wash:


    4-6 Cups Water (depending on how runny you want it to be)
    1 Bar Soap ( I strongly recommend an all natural castile soap. I prefer a mild scent found from Kirk’s Original Castile Soap. You can find this at Meijer for $2.99/3 pk in the laundry aisle)
    2TBS Glycerin (found in the first aid aisle)

    What is castile soap?

    Castile soap has been around for hundreds of years and is made from the fat from pure vegetable oils making it ideal for your natural body care routine.


    1. Grate the bar of soap

    2. Add the grated soap and water to a sauce pan and bring to a boil.

    3. Once the soap has boiled down, you are can stir in your glycerin.
    4. Store in a container. (see my big jug above!)

    If you’re wondering if you can make this recipe even cheaper- boy, I’m glad you’re thinking like me! You can invest in a foam pump and then use equal amounts of water and your body wash mixture. This helps your wash last longer!  I’ve switched over all our hand soap, body wash, and dish soap bottles in our home to foaming pump bottles. This will stretch your dollar even further. :)

    As far as what I’m doing for a natural antiperspirant- I’m experimenting right now with an equal mixture of baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil.  The next DIY installment. :)

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    1. 1

      YES!!!!! I have been wanting to do this for a while but needed a cheaper way to do it! I know Dr. Bronnners is another good soap to use, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for soap…even if it lasts a while, just seems too expensive! But this seems pretty cheap! Definately going to try it out…and will be anxiously waiting for the anti-perspirent too! :)

      • 2

        Dr Bronners is about $3.29 for a bar of castille soap, but they have peppermint, tea trea, citrus, etc….and you should be able to make a gallon of body wash–possibly more, and IF you use a foaming dispenser it will go further. So instead of paying that for 1 body wash in the store, you can potentially get 4 or more for price of one. ***biggest bonus…its eco friendly (no longer adding multiple plastic bottles to landfills) & non toxic option for your biggest organ of your body “your skin” :):):)

    2. 3
      Kris Porter says:

      I have found that has awesome recipes for homemade body products! She experiments with everything and writes about in her blog. =)

      • 4

        Ditto! Love her deodorant recipes! They work well as long as you put baking soda in! Also, if you find yourself stinky – you can pat just plain baking soda in your pits – removes the odor but don’t use to much and rinse your pits gently next time you start to shower or you may irritate the skin.

    3. 5

      I’ve been making my own body wash, but am excited to try a new recipe. My husband does not like ours, but my kids and I are happy with it!

      I have a question about the lemon water. Do you drink 2 glasses a day? Are you buying an absurd amount of lemons or do you use bottled lemon juice to make it?

      • 6
        SavingAddiction says:

        I buy my lemons at Aldi’s (cheapest) I do a whole lemon. Half in the morning and half at night. :)

    4. 7

      Where have you found the foam pumps for the best price?

    5. 10

      Did you know that you can microwave the soap instead of grating it? I found it on a blog a while back. You bring 6 cups of water to a boil on your stove and then turn it down so it doesn’t boil up and over. Then you microwave three bars of soap one at a time for 90 seconds and add them to the boiling water and continue stirring occasionally until all the soap has dissolved.

      • 11
        SavingAddiction says:

        Yes, I usually microwave and then I cut into cubes and place in my food processor. EASY! :)

    6. 12

      The deoderant works great and you can add lavendar, etc in it too, if you want. I quit using shampoo, conditioner and any hair product too a few months ago and use a mix of baking soda and water in a spray bottle every couple days to get some of the oil out. I also only use baking soda to wash my face in the evening. Makes packing for trips and the morning routine very easy, I just need my box of soda!! (although, don’t take an open one on a plane, I found that it when you get to your destination 😉

    7. 13

      Why do you need to add the glycerin?
      And I would also love to hear about where to find the foamer bottles for a cheaper price. I bought some with a coop years ago but they eventually didn’t work anymore. I would like to get some more.

      • 14
        SavingAddiction says:

        I bought the foam bottles online. They were $2-$3 a bottle. I add the glycerin because its a skin protectant.

        • 15
          Railroad436 says:

          You can look around at Wal-Mart and Target for some foam soaps to go on sale. I have found them for .99 cents before and just dumped out the soap that was in there (dispose of it like toxic waste) and filled it with my own.

    8. 16

      I have had some success using apple cider vinegar and cornstarch as deodorant. After your shower, dab your underarms with straight vinegar and let dry (just not right after shaving – ouch!). You can use a 50% solution with water, but not as effective. After it dries, rub on cornstarch to help with moisture. Here is a link to more home made deodorants:

    9. 17
      Rachel (different Rachel) says:

      I make my own castille soap at home. It’s a CP (cold process) soap. You use lye, olive oil, water and some time to cure. Easy peasy. Also, one of the by products of making your own soap is glycerin. Hand made soaps disintegrate quickly, if not drained/dried after using, because of the naturally occurring glycerin.

      • 18

        I also make my own CPS Castile soap and was going to use a bar to make this body wash. Any thoughts? I was happy with my decision until I read your remark about homemade soaps breaking down quickly. I know what you mean by that, if you don’t put the bar in a dish that can elevate it to dry after use but what do u think about making this body wash with it?

    10. 19

      Just made this for the first time today.
      Wondering what color should it be when it cools? How long does it take to cool down and turn in to the white color I see in so many other recipes?

    11. 20
      Christina says:

      Am I the only one who is wondering what website to get the bigger pump bottles?

    12. 22

      Hello everyone, I believe the link the first few commenters meant to link to the site as opposed to which appears to be some general “holder” site. I am checking out her site as we speak. Great ideas here and on the site.

      Thank you,

    13. 23

      I made some using this recipe for my wife, but it hardened in the container over night. I used 4 cups of water, but not castile soap. Is there some kind of gelatin or something in other types of bar soap that would make the mix congeal? It didn’t harden completely, but formed a gel like substance that stuck inside the container.

      • 24

        Hank, it depends on what kind of soap you used. If you used something that is commercially produced (say Irish Spring, etc) they add hardeners to their soap so they don’t disintegrate as quickly.

        If you’re looking for a soap other than castile soap that has less of these (not none, but less, so it should help) look for Dove unscented. It’s just the basic Dove formula, no extras. Hope that helps :)

    14. 25

      I, too, copied this recipe and my soap hardened overnight. I used Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille soap with essential oils and 4 cups of water hoping to get a thicker consistency. Any advice?

    15. 26

      I use vinegar now just spray some on rub it in a little and that is it. I used to use coconut oil with baking soda but the baking soda was too harsh on my underarms. The vinegar works great .

    16. 27

      I have seen the very same recipe now with 6 cups water & 16 cups water. I’m confused.

    17. 28

      I made this last night and it didn’t set up. I grated another bar and added a little more water and glycerin and it still didn’t set up. I don’t know what I did wrong is there anyway to make this thicker now???

    18. 29

      effective, much simpler,not messy DIY
      Rubbing alcohol on cotton balls ..wipe over clean dry armpits,dries quickly.Not an antiperspirant.
      That area of skin isn’t prone at all to excessive drying like your face or hands so dont freak out …due to the sweat and oil active glands! No problem there ..If you’re old enough to be needing a deodorant, skin will be quickly re lubricated naturally ..if concerned worrier try it out in that armpit area but in a small area/patch first.
      Place a bunch of cotton balls or cotton cosmetic squares in container that’s easy to open like one with lift off top Doesnt need to be total airtight , just needs to be covered , or use zip lock baggie , add in plain rubbing alcohol(isopropyl alcohol 70%) til somewhat soaked, or just apply to few cotton ball s or cotton squares or the corner of small facecloth and use as needed.
      Works average for about8 hours, YMMV, may then retouch up, reapply.Good time to have afew in zip small baggie in gym bag .In a pinch use sanitizer gel or alcohol pads.

      This is Not an irritating formula unless used right after shaving, , the alcohol is quite friendly for sanitation in that it only kills some bacteria one shot basis rather than continual.. to give you a fresh start, but not in the harmful way because its NOT-antibacterial,rather its bacteriocidal , (and doesn’t work on all viruses ,spores ,yeasts ,bacteria etc ) so skin eventually back to usual Germy and smelly …but in the meantime you are not keeping everyone away from pungent B.O.
      Another option which is more antiperspirant than deodorant
      MILK OF MAGNESIA liquid on cotton ball or small cosmetic sponge , rub on arm pits lightly ,allow to dry.
      In the laxative section of medicine over the counter. This is same ingredient as in Epsom salts, natural,and ,no, not a laxative unless swallowed!, replaces the aluminum salts used in regular anti per spirants Just like crystal deodorant ,all made of mineral salts.Can also be used lightly on face under makeup as a primer.for acne or oily prone skin

    19. 30
      Christine says:

      I live in Canada and I’m not sure that we have castle soap here. Is there another brand of soap that can be used in it’s place?

    20. 31

      I found the best way to stop perspiration or its odor is to use the salt rock deoderant sticks. They have them in different drug stores. They are a solid piece of salt in dispenser. Just rub it on your body when it is wet. I have never had odor or wetness since I started using it 12 years ago (unless you count the days I forgot to apply it).
      It’s all natural an SUPER CHEAP. One stick costs less than a regular anti-perspirant, last for months, is all natural and works. What more can one ask?

    21. 32
      DALAENA says:

      Does this have to sit for so long before it forms body wash? I tried making handsoap by just using distilled water, glyserin and castille soap – was supposed to let it sit for 10 hrs – and I have – but it is still pure water in consistency – do you know if this will change after it sits longer? Thanks!

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    24. 35

      I’m curious why the foam soap pump instead of a regular pump or even just a squirt type bottle?
      Do you have to water the wash down to make the foam pump work?
      Does it actually foam?

    25. 36

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      the issues. It has been truly informative. Your site is very useful.
      Thank you for sharing!

    26. 37

      I am so glad i buck up on this website by accident. Quick question, I don’t have castile soap can i use just about any bar soap to make my own body wash?

    27. 38

      The foam bottles can be found in the 99 cent store are even in bath and body.

    28. 39
      jessica a. watson says:



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