FREE eggs Mperks!

FREE 1 dozen Meijer eggs???

Is this Mperks coupon in your account today?

It was in my husbands account! But not mine!! :(

Let us know if you find this one or any other good mperks in your account!

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  1. 1

    there is a $1 for A1 steak sauce and there was a $1 cpn on too.

  2. 2

    I sure don’t understand how m-perk works – no free eggs for me – last week several people had dollars off when you spend so much – I have not received any of those….I even emailed m-perks – inquiring and all I got was – “thank you for your feedback’ – they never did answer my question.

  3. 4

    Last week I received the $5 off and yesterday had a $2 off.. my guess it’s either random assignment (maybe by phone #? my last 4 digits are 5732), or possibly how often you log in?? I log in at least 3-4 times a week, my mother and sister do maybe once a month and they didn’t receive the coupons i did.

  4. 5

    I got eggs, and $2 off a snow brush, which I needed!

  5. 6

    I got a text last night saying that I had a free egg coupon, I also had the $2 off a snow brush. My husband’s account didn’t have the egg coupon though!

  6. 7

    I never got the free milk or free eggs. I did however get $5 off, the $2 off snow brush, and just got a $2 off a $2 purchase..

  7. 8

    No eggs for me and me & my husband did not get any $ off coupons but I do have the A-1 Steak sauce and some Land-O-Lakes coupons.

  8. 9

    Yes, it seems really random. Hubby has the eggs, and I have the $2 off $2 purchase. Both must be used by the 31st.

  9. 10

    No free eggs under mine or my hubbies account – but what a great coupon!!! I did get $10 off $100 last week and $2 off as well! I am wondering now though – can the mperks coupons be used with manu. coupons – will it take the $1 off A-1 mperks and $1 off A-1 manu.???? That would be nice, but I won’t believe it until I see it! It seems like many of the coupons in there right now are similar to manu. ones out on!

    • 11

      Meijer changed their mperks coupon policy stating that the mperks digital coupons cannot be combined with any paper coupons.

      • 12

        that must have just happened because I was able to before!! people getting too good of deals:)

        • 13
          Anonymous says:

          They aren’t policing it then b/c I use manufacturer’s coupons, and the mperks still comes off. For example, Spot Shot floor cleaner is on price drop at my store for $2.99. I used a $1/1 printable manuf. coupon, and the mperks $1/1 still came off. I paid $.99. This was last Saturday, 1/22, I believe.

          • 14

            On the Mperks coupons online, it just says that they cannot be combined with other Meijer coupons. It doesn’t say anything about not being able to combine them with manufacturer coupons.

      • 15

        According to the policy, ” Only one manufacturer coupon and one Meijer coupon for the same item will be accepted (unless prohibited)
        # Mealbox and mPerks coupons are considered Meijer coupons”

        Do you have something more current in writing from Meijer?

  10. 16

    Yup, yup, an egg coupon in both mine and hubby’s accounts. whoo hoo!

  11. 17

    I have gotten $8 off $80 and a free half gallon of milk and I do have the free dozen eggs coupon also in my account… you may use m-perks with everything- meijer coupons, manf. coupons!! At Christmas I had a $20 santa bucks and 15%off m-perks coupon and it took both-ended up getting $35 dollars off my $99 purchase!! I also think it has to do with how often you log in or use your m-perks… I enter my phone number everytime I am at meijer even if there was no item redeemed-just in case:)

  12. 18

    I received a text about the $2 off $2 but no eggs. I have a question though, many of you said both you and your husbands have an account, which is something I hadn’t even thought of. When you check out can you type in two mPerks numbers for coupons on the same order?

    • 19

      You can only use one mperk # per order. So just do two separate orders the first one you could use your phone # the next transaction use your husbands. Thats what I do. I use self check and they never ask any questions.

  13. 20

    I wonder if the coupons you get on Mperks has something to do with your shopping habits. I got the $5 off $5 coupon last week and a $2 off $2 yesterday, but I haven’t received any for free items.

  14. 21

    I had the free 1/2 gallon of milk a few weeks back. Yesterday, I got a text saying I had a coupon for 1 free Meijer eggs. Apparently, I’m a lucky one when it comes to mPerks!

  15. 22

    I just signed up for mperks on Saturday so I’m new to this. Is there a certain day that the mperks coupons change or do I just need to check every day to see what’s there?

    • 23

      I don’t know if you have texting on your cell phone, but I get a text update every time new coupons are out. A great feature!

  16. 24

    no egg coupon, but my husband’s account did have a $2 off

  17. 25

    Got the egg coupon. They will get donated as I have my own eggs from our flock of chickens.

  18. 26

    I just went to Meijers in Gaines Twp and had 7 coupons clipped with Mperks and NOTHING was in stock….grrrrrr

  19. 27

    Yeah Meijer is out of pretty much everything. BOGO Finish tabs and Helluva Dips have been out all three times I went!

  20. 28

    There was not a coupon for free eggs in my mperks. Shucks!

  21. 29

    No eggs… but I got another $5 off coupon! YAY!

  22. 30

    Could somebody tell me how mperks give some people coupons and not others? Is it according to area? If anyone has good info please settle my mind by explaining.

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