Freezer Cooking Step 2

I have narrowed down my list of meals to cook on Wednesday

Freezer Cooking Day Recipes

Spaghetti bake
Mexican corn bake
Twice baked potatoes

Cauliflower bake
Bean burritos
Mac and cheese
Lentil loaf
Meat balls

I am making 2-3 batches of each. I will have 22 dishes if we make all of them!  

Now I am going through and making a list of all the ingredients that are needed for each recipe. Example Spaghetti Bake needs 8 oz of spaghetti noodles and I am making 3 batches so I will need to have 24 oz of noodles. This is where it takes a bit of brain power to make your list. The next step is finding what I have in my stockpile and what I need to buy.

Tomorrow will be shopping and then chopping and pre cooking anything I can.


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    I just bougt the book “Once-A-Month Cooking” and am spending most of tomorrow cooking. I did my planning last night, my shopping today and will cook tomorrow. I tried doing freezer cooking on my own a few months ago, and it was a success, but a bit hard to know what will freeze well and what wouldn’t. This book however is GREAT!! It gives you your grocery list, what and how much to prep and in what order to assemble the dishes. All the dishes sound delicious too :)

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      Tracy, I have that book too. I ‘ve had it for a long time, so I am a little bored w/it. I have a different one you might be interested in. “Cooking among friends”. The premeis of this book is to make meals to share, but I am not involved with that. However it takes batch cooking to a much higer level including desserts, cookie dough, breakfast, dry mixes, etc.

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    Tracy (above commenter): If you haven’t checked out Once A Month Mom [my site ;)], I would love for you to. It has TONS of answers to those what can freeze questions and a great community for keeping you int he know.

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    I just got done browsing the once a month mom site, and love it! I’m so excited to bring some ideas to my next meeting with my meal exchange group! :)


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