Getting Started


Where to begin:

Step 1: Begin collecting coupons!

Sources for Coupons:
1. Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts (get multiple papers*)

  • Sunday Smart Source – SS
  • Red Plum- RP
  • General Mills- GM
  • Proctor and Gamble- PG

Ask neighbors, family, and friends for their inserts (if they don’t use them).
*We recommend one paper- per person in your household.

2. Internet Printables (IP)

  • Can be found on Manufactures websites or couponing websites (i.e.
  • Usually you can print (2) per computer by hitting the back browser to print again!

3. Store coupons (you can stack/combine a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon)

  • Check your local store for their own “store ” coupons

Step 2: Organize your coupons!

Organizational Suggestion:

Stash Box (see Step by Step Tutorial) *Highly Recommended

Other Options:

  • Clip Coupons you know you will use
  • Save Inserts
  • Date your inserts with a marker (Big enough to see)
  • Buy a filing system (accordion type)
  • File Inserts in order


  • Buy a 3 ring zip-up binder
  • Clip all coupons
  • Sort into categories
  • File each category into separate pockets (i.e. baseball card sleeves)
  • Label each pocket with a marker (i.e. lotion, oral care, dairy)
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