Walgreens 101

Coupons At Walgreens:

 There are 3 types of coupons that can be used at Walgreens:

1. Manufacturer’s coupons – These are regular coupons like you would get out of the Sunday paper.

2. Walgreens store coupons (IVC/Instant Value Coupon)- These are coupons that can only be used at Walgreens. They can be found in pamphlets (by the entrance), Walgreens Magazines, Walgreens Children Coloring books (by the pharmacy) or other places throughout the store.

3. In-ad coupons – these are coupons that are found in the weekly 7 day ad.

You may use 1 store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item.

The best order to give your coupons in:

Hand over the manufacturer’s coupon first, and then the Walgreens coupon. The reason: if the two coupons combined are worth more than the cost of the item, a manufacturer’s coupon will beep if given last. Store coupons will go through just fine if given last, giving you overage toward the rest of your purchase!

Register Rewards (RR)

A Great way to snag deals at Walgreens is through their Register Rewards system.

Register Rewards- are Catalina coupons worth a certain dollar amount that you can use to help pay for another purchase. They print at the register when you buy certain items.The Walgreens ad will feature specific items that produce Register Rewards weekly. Many times these items are a great deal, but if you have a coupon for the item, you can often get products for free! *after RR
For example, the Ad advertises xx toothpaste as “Free after Register Rewards”. If the toothpaste costs $1.99, and you use a $1 coupon, you will pay $0.99, but a Register Reward for $1.99 will print, making this scenario a money maker, because you leave the store with more money than when you came in!


· Only one Register Reward will print per offer per transaction. If you buy 2 different advertised deals, both Register Rewards will print, but you cannot purchase 2 of the same deal in one transaction. For example, if Huggies Diapers are advertised as giving back $3 in RR, and Tylenol is advertised as giving back $5 in RR, you can buy both products at the same time and get back a $3 and a $5 RR. You cannot buy 2 Tylenol in the same transaction and expect to get back (2) $5 RR. If you wanted to buy more Tylenol, you would have to buy them in separate transactions.

· You can use Register Rewards to pay for any of your purchases. However, Register Rewards can not always be “rolled” (using Register Rewards to pay for something else that gives back Register Rewards.) You cannot use a Register Reward from one product to pay for another of the same product. The new Register Rewards will not print. Also, you generally cannot roll Register Rewards between two products that are the same brand. For example, if you had Register Rewards that printed from buying Aussie Hair Products, you could not use them to buy Pamper, another RR will not print because they are made by the same parent company, Proctor & Gamble.

· Register Rewards are manufacturers coupon, and at Walgreens you can only use one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. You need to make sure that the number of items you are purchasing is equal to or greater than the number of coupons you are using, including any Register Rewards you plan to use. If you are using a coupon on every item that you are buying, and you want to use a RR, you need to add a small filler item (anything cheap) to your transaction in order to be able use your RR.

· If a deal is advertised like this “Buy $20 worth of select products, get $10 Register Rewards”, the value of what you are buying is computed before coupons. Example: “Buy $20 of Dove products, get $10 RR.” If the Dove products are $2 each , you could buy 10 items for $20, use (10) $1/1 coupons, and pay a total of $10. You would still get the $10 RR because your product total came above $20!

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