Giving Addiction



 We both have large families, with that blessing, comes a lot of needs. Diapers, personal care products, huge amounts of food, school supplies, ext. Our needs have always consumed any leftovers we thought about giving. SavingAddiction has given us a new freedom to give like we never thought we could. By using coupons, store deals and drugstores, we now are acquiring so many products that we get for free or just cents. We have solid stockpiles of almost everything, so we are now able to pass products on to others in need! Praise be to the Lord!

Every week you can find FREE and extremly cheap items that we Highlight for you under our store deals section!. We encourage everyone that can to spend $5.00/ week (the average amount of change Americans acquire during a weeks time) and grab some of these great deals your family may not need.This allows you to pass them on to those who do. $5 may not seem like a lot but when paired with coupons, sales, rebates, ext the products can be endless. Ask the Lord to guide you and beware you will soon have a new Giving Addiction!

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