*HOT* Kraft Catalina and Bonus Offer Stack Starts Friday


There’s a *HOT* new Kraft Cheese Catalina deal that begins on 3/2/12 (Friday)

Buy 3 Select Kraft Cheese/ Dairy Products (5 oz +) in a single transaction, get a $2 custom coupon valid on your next order. Buy 4, get  $3 OYNO; buy 5 +, get $4 OYNO (Limit 1 offer per transaction)

Participating Kraft products

  • Kraft Singles
  • Kraft String Cheese
  • Kraft Cracker Cuts Cheese
  • Cheez Whiz
  • Breakstone’s/Knudsen’s Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese 16 oz
  • Kraft Fresh Take Breadcrumb Mix
  • Kraft MilkBite Bars
  • Kraft Parmesan Cheese
  • Kraft Natural Cheese (Bricks, Shredded, Cubed)
  • Velveeta
  • Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Cooking Cream or Pure Indulgence

(ends 3/18)

Combine this Catalina offer with the current in-store BONUS promotion running through Saturday-

Buy ANY 3 Kraft Cheese Products 5oz+, Get $1 Instantly Off. Buy 4, get $2 OFF, Buy 5+ get $3 off (limit 1 offer per transaction)

-(2)$0.50/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon HERE (use zip code 30303)
Get $3 Instantly Off
Get  back a $4 OYNO
=$3.65 (or $0.73 each)

-$3 Instantly Off
-$4 CAT Back
= $0.29 each!

Buy 5 Kraft Philadelphia Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese $2.00
-(4) $0.75/1 Coupon (from the 2/26 SS)
-$3 Instantly Off
-$4 CAT Back

(Reg Price $3.49)
-$0.55/1 Coupon (from the 2/12 SS)
-$3 Instantly Off
-$4 CAT Back
= $7.70  ($1.54 each) Plus get an additional $3 off your produce purchase!

Buy 5 Kraft Cheese Singles 10.7-12oz – $2.49
-$3 Instantly Off
-$4 CAT Back
= $1.09 each

Remember, this Catalina offer does not begin until Friday!

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  1. 1

    Do you know if this CAT will roll?

    • 2
      Laura W. says:

      GOOD NEWS!!! I did this deal already this morning and the CAT DOES roll! So makes for way less out of pocket. And to answer Bonnie, the CAT is good for your next order of anything.

    • 3

      I did this also today and the CAT did roll, however, it only printed out at $3 instead of $4.

    • 4

      Did this CAT multiple times today and it rolled all the way – used $4 CAT and got $4 CAT. Now have a freezer full of shredded cheese! What a great deal!

  2. 5

    Do you know if the Cat is a coupon for Kraft, or just a general $ off your next order of anything?

  3. 7

    Could I use 5 coupons on the Kraft indulgence to make it a money maker?

  4. 8

    I did three orders this morning and got of the instant savings. It printed a cat that says the money off future orders starts next weekend, so you don’t get off today and in the future cat.

  5. 9

    I can’t find the coupon when I click on the link and type in the zipcode listed. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

  6. 11

    Heidi, we need a new place to get the coupon. This one is long gone. Once a real good deal is found out the stampede to get them is on. We are all living in a welfare state of mind it appears. If anyone can help, thanks in advance. Maybe Kraft will be nice and post another coupon somewhere by Friday….

  7. 12

    Has anyone tried freezing parmesan cheese? Just wondering :)

    • 13

      Yes. Doesn’t change anything about it, because it is already so dry. I just throw the canisters into the freezer and grab one when we run out. You don’t need to worry about them having time to thaw either as its grated to finely.

  8. 14

    Does anyone know if the $3 off produce with the Parmesan cheese is instant or on your next order?

  9. 16

    I did this yesterday, with only a purchase of FIVE, (3 bags of Shredded and 2 packages of Sliced.) as I intended to go back Friday and get more. I recieved my $3 off instantly AND recieved a Catalina Coupon for $1.00 off Kraft String Cheese. (Off any variety, one package of 9 oz or larger.) This is the best cheese deal I have seen in awhile and the kids love the cheese sticks! Thanks for all the deals!!! :)

  10. 17

    Does anyone know if this sale includes the new Kraft Fresh Take Breadcrumb Mixes and if so what price they are at in the sale? Thanks!

  11. 18

    Has anyone found any on Ebay or similar sites to buy?

  12. 19

    Does anyone know if you can mix and match these items. For instance, if I only have 4 Fresh Take and 1 Philadelphia Indulgence coupon, can I still get the $3 instantly and then get the $4 CAT?

  13. 20

    To answer a few questions, based on all the info. I have seen…

    a.) Bonnie- The coupon that prints is a MFQ that you can use on anything you want.

    b.)Jodi- Yes you can! This is what I intend to do. The endulgance is delicious.

    c.)Kelly- The $3.00 off fresh produce is instant, so you will need to add the produce to your order and it will come off automatically.

    d.) Ruth- Yes, the Freshtaste is included, and usually runs around $2.50-$2.99 per box (depending on your store). Don’t forget to check your mperks for this product for extra savings!

    e.)Alisha- Yes, you can mix and match any of the participating items as long as they are all over 5 ounces (the parmesean has to be over 7 ounces to get the fresh produce).

    Hope this helps everyone. Happy couponing!

  14. 21

    this starts friday and end when, march 18??? it that right….thanks for all you do to save us money….

  15. 22

    If anyone hasn’t tried the Fresh Taste yet, I highly recommend it!!! I tried the Rosemary and garlic on chicken breasts over the weekend and it was so yummy! Inside the package there’s other recipes you can use it for too!

  16. 23

    at kraftfirsttaste.com I signed into my account and I had a dollar coupon for philidelphia indulgence to use on this deal!!!

  17. 24

    Worked like a charm this morning in Warren, MI :)

  18. 26

    Does it roll? Can you your your $$ cat backs on the next kraft orders and will another Cat print?

    • 27

      Yes the catalina rolls!!!!!
      and the $3 off produce is instant…the best part is that it seems to be up to $3.00 so if your math is a lil off thats ok…cause mine was…total produce was $2.91 and thats exactly what it took off. HTH

  19. 28
    Janelle says:

    What is all the talk about money off produce…is the $3 off not instant off the cheese???

  20. 29

    I did 3 transactions this morning for the cheese deal and I was able to roll the coupons too! It worked great and I think I need to go back tonight and get more!

  21. 30
    Marlena says:

    I’m in KY and all the deals worked great for me:) Also, they had lots of clearance in the organic crackers/cookies aisle. I got cheddar cheese Kashi crackers for $1.58 and Newmans organic choc cookies for $1.04. Great shopping trip!!!!!!

  22. 31

    Janelle…There is a $3 off produce automatic savings when you buy the Kraft Parmesan cheese. I can verify that it worked this AM in GR, MI. I bought 5 Kraft Parmesan cheeses and $3 in strawberries in one transaction…It took $3 off the produce instantly, $3 off cheese instantly, and I had a $4 CAT print for my next order! Gotta love Kraft, Meijer, and Saving Addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 32

    How many Parmesan Cheese do you need to buy to get the $3 off produce? Thanks.

    • 33

      Actually, you only have to buy 2 of the parmesan cheese to get the $3 off produce! Have done this deal twice & works great! :)

  24. 34

    Jill, you need to buy 3 parm. cheese to get the $3 off produce. However, if you buy 5 of them, you get an additional 60 cents off of each instantly, plus the $4 oyno.

  25. 35
    Jennifer says:

    Actually I just did the meijer deal.. I bought 2 parm cheese and then 3 of another promo item (kraft shredded cheese) and I got the $3 off produce. So as long as you buy 5 items and only 2 of them is Parmesan cheese you can get all 3 deals ($4 cat, $3 off instant, and $3 off produce). hope this helps

  26. 36
    Jennifer says:

    if you have 4 coupons for parm cheese for example, split your order into 2. Buy 2 parm cheese and $3 worth of produce, and 3 other kraft items in each transaction and you will get all three deals. It was so awesome!!

  27. 37

    Thanks for all your answers!

  28. 38

    Super excited about this offer! Just got back from the store…did 6 transactions…spent $19.34 for $108 worth of stuff!!! :)

  29. 39
    jennifer says:

    does anyone know if i can mix and match with cheese deal?

    • 40

      I got 5 different items on my second shopping trip and the $3 came off fine and I got the $4 OYNO too…mix and match away!!!

  30. 41

    Heads up: I was able to do 5 separate transactions this AM, but someone I know was “caught” trying to do that in the self-scan and they got limited to two trans (Jenison location).

  31. 43
    rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for this deal! Went to the northside Holland location and did 8 deals of 5 cheese items. Everyone in line was doing it and the cashiers were so helpful and great about it! Thanks again for all your work helping us all save!

  32. 44

    Did these deals earlier, works GREAT, then I planned on going back later and I lost my $4 oyno coupon that I was going to use for my next transaction, someone got lucky today :(

    • 45

      Sarah once that happened to me and I called & asked if they would maybe check the register I was @ to see if I had dropped it, or left it in the machine & to my surprise she just left me a hand written cat for next time I came in.

  33. 46
    sarette says:

    I did countless transactions and rolled all my $4 cat coupons! freezer full! good luck everybody! well stocked @ 54th st and Grandville

  34. 47

    I feel so blessed to have saved a much money as I did today & everyday that I coupon!! Thank you for this site & for all of your hard work & dedication. Also thank you fellow couponers who share your finds and who give details that helps all of us succeeded on our mission to save money for our families & others.

  35. 48

    Discovered a money maker on the Philadelphia Indulgence tonight! The packages with 4 individual cups (total 5 oz) are on sale 4/$5. Buy 5 @ $1.25 ea. = $6.25 – $3 instant – $4 CAT = FREE + $.75 money maker, no Q required!!!!


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