JCPenny $10 off $10!

Today at JcPenny, you can use coupon code: TEN2YOU and get $10 off a $10+ order (order must be over $10)! Plus, today only, shoes ship  Free!!! This site is running super slow, but there are KILLER deals to be sought!

Girls sandals priced at $11.99 ($1.99 after code!)
Womans Sandals $11 ($1 after code!)

(Thanks, Mojosavings)

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    Thanks! Was able to snag some cute toddler shoes for a baby shower gift for $1.05! What a deal :)

  2. 2

    you can use the code over and over! GREAT deal!!!

  3. 3

    This code is valid until August 24th.However, it wasn’t intended to be used all over the web. It came out in a mailer that JCP rewards members get once a month with a paper coupon in it to use in store. It can also be used online. Shame on anyone who uses it without earning the original $10 JCP cash.

    The coupons says “$10 off certificate is valid for one-time use only on a single purchase of $10 or more, excluding taxes and shipping charges in store,, and catalog. One certificate per customer.”

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    I needed to say that it is great to know that someone discussed this as I had trouble discovering the identical info elsewhere. This is the only web site that gave me the information. Thank you.

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