Meijer 12/18/11- 12/24/11

12/18/11- 12/24/11 sale at MEIJER!

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Our local Meijer stores DO NOT DOUBLE coupons, prices reflect this.

Meijer Coupons can be found on our sidebar on the Meijer Mealbox Widget (under “specials”) or HERE.

**How to print Meijer coupons TUTORIAL!**

Also, make sure to head over HERE and sign-up for a Meijer mPerks coupon account. (These are Meijer digital Coupons)

“My Shopping List” Check off the items that you are wanting to buy at Meijer this week. You will then see your list pop-up on the lower right side of your screen. Just print out your list and enjoy shopping!

This List Has Expired

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  1. 1
    Rhonda Sloan says:

    Hi guys- thanks for the list!

    the link for the 1/1 ICBINB is taking me to the mperks site instead of a printable coupon?

  2. 3

    Wondering if the Snapware coupon is gone, can’t find it anymore?????

  3. 4

    I’m finding a bunch of coupons on my mperks account this morning.

    Cocoa Puffs -$.75/1
    Cheerios (Frosted & Apple Cinnamon) – $1/2
    Pillsbury Crescent – $.50/2
    McCormicks Gourmet Herbs – $2/3
    McCormicks Gourmet Spices – $1.50/2
    McCormicks Perfect Pinch – $1/2
    Nestle Morsels – $1.75/4

  4. 5

    What zip code did you find the Stash tea coupon under as I couldn’t find it under 49004 (mine) or 77477? Thanks.

  5. 6

    No luck for me either on the butter or snapware coupons. Also saw today many shampoos & products are on sale/clearance at Meijer… Finesse was $1.77 on sale, then I had $1 off coupon making it .77 . LaLooks Gel was clearanced at $1.49, making it .49 after $1 off coupon.

  6. 7

    I ended up ordering some of the snapware coupons-15 to be exact and I went there earlier this week just for them. I bought 15 of them, a couple were 2.49 and a couple were 4.49 but the majority were 2.99. I figured the coupons would be adjusted down for those under $3 but they didn’t so for 15 snapware items my bill came to $.42 and my Meijer receipt showed a total savings of $88!! I was on a total coupon high! I took them to work and shared them with co-workers and I’m going to fill some with candy/cookies/etc and give them as gifts and some I will keep for around the house! It was SO FUN!

  7. 10

    Help, please! I can’t find the B2G1 FREE coupon for Nabisco carckers/snacks???

    • 11

      When I went on the area code was 77477 for the nabisco coupon. That was a couple days ago. Good luck!

  8. 12

    I take offense to the people who “order” loads of coupons and then grab everything off the shelves. My local Meijers are cleared out of many items due to the coupon queens. Please think of those of us who are struggling and can barley afford what we can with a few coupons before you do these things.
    Do you really need everything you are grabbing just to get that “high”?

    • 13

      Hot Topic!
      I am finding more and more that I can NEVER get the deals because the shelves are cleaned out. Honestly, I think it has more to do with more people in tight times and doing deals to get by. For me it is literally how my family is eating right now. Without doing the deals I frankly don’t know how we would be eating. So yes it is very frustrating that the deals are gone often, but in the end we do live in a market that allows for this. I believe it is more up to the stores to stock their shelves or limit the number of deals per person somehow. If I am really honest with myself about this I have to admit that if I had 10 coupons for a super great deal for food for my family….you bet I’d be using them.

    • 14

      Lynn, You are only responsible for your own actions, and your own REactions to others. Kindness goes a long way. You will never change what others do, especially by these kind of responses. Getting offended will never change anything. Brush it off…or beat them by getting your good deals Sunday morning! :)

    • 15


      I really agree with you. I personally feel that it’s being selfish when people completely clear the shelves because they can get a good deal. And no, I don’t think the answer is just to control “your reactions” to these people. I personally feel that even if you can get a great deal, you should also think about others and not clear the shelf. Couponers who are shelf clearers are the people who give the rest of the couponers a bad reputation among non-couponers.

      Also, in reference to one of the other posts, I will say that “ordering” coupons online isn’t really ethical. Yes, the coupon clipping services will state that you are paying for their time and labor, but really you’re paying to get coupons.

      • 16

        Don’t you ‘pay’ for coupons when you buy your Sunday paper??

        • 17

          You might be paying to buy the paper solely for the coupons, but you still buy the paper. Coupons explicitly state that they aren’t to be sold, but clipping services get around it by charging for the service. So yes, it is unethical. I also question how the clipping services are able to obtain so many inserts.

  9. 18

    I’m having a hard time getting the Barilla Pasta coupon that is on facebook. Can anyone please help me? Thank you!

  10. 19

    I bought 6 tombstones today expecting 2 $1 CATs to print but instead i got a $3 CAT! Woohoo!

  11. 20

    FYI the KY is 3.09 not 2.99. However, when I went last week they still had price stickers on them for the old price. Went to customer service and was refunded. So I actually got paid to stand in line :) Still only .09 though with the coupon. Just an FYI to watch what your items are ringing up for.

  12. 21

    Could I got some help/info? I went to Meijer today & tried to use the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Nabisco cracker coupon and the cashier told me they wouldn’t take it b/c it says “Redeemable at Walmart” on it. I pointed out to her that it also says “Maufacturer’s Coupon” but she would not budge. I am so frustrated, any advice?

    • 22

      I used the self check out and it worked perfectly. Actually it took off $2.50 instead of the sale price of $1.99. Explain it is a m/c and that it just a suggested retailer.

    • 23

      Next time, ask to speak to the manager. If it says Manufacturers you should be able to use it. Also, most stores have a “if it scans they take it” policy. Encourage cashiers to at least scan it and see.

  13. 24

    Renee- You should get a manager. I’ve had that before with the Publix coupons, but if you point out the numbers under that barcode, the cashier might see that it is a manufacturer’s coupon. The cashier questioned my “Publix” coupon last week and I just told her it was an advertisement.

    Cara- the facebook thing stinks. It is possible, though. You have to already have a box of Barilla Whole Grain (or Plus) – whatever is in the yellow box. You have to enter the four digit code on the box, then pick 2 friends to send the coupon deal to, then you can print your coupon. It’s a bunch of worthless steps, but you do get the coupon in the end. I do have an extra code if you’d like it.

  14. 25

    @mb If cara doesn’t need the code any more i would appreciate it

  15. 26

    You should have printed them off last week I did and I got my great deals last week I printed 4 coupons and did not clear the shelf!

  16. 27

    melissa- what is your email?

  17. 28

    why don’t I have a lot of the mperks coupons that are said to be there…is it different for each costumer…super frustrating!

  18. 29

    In response to the comments regarding those that “clear the shelves”. Yes, I did buy alot of the snapware containers this past week. But I can honestly say that this is only the second time I have ordered coupons. And even though I did buy quite a few, I did not clear the shelves. There were many different kinds to choose from. The sale on the snapware goes into January and the coupons are good till the end of December so if there is still opportunity to buy some assuming the store continues to stock them. And I do not hoard them all to myself. I shared with others in need and used them to fill with goodies as Christmas gifts.

    I can understand the frustration though. I have missed out on some deals because shelves were empty too. I hope you understand.

  19. 30

    Some weeks I shop on Saturdays, how do I look at the current week’s add?


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