Meijer 1/22/12- 1/28/12


1/22/12- 1/28/12

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Our local Meijer stores DO NOT DOUBLE coupons, prices reflect this.

Meijer Coupons can be found on our sidebar on the Meijer Mealbox Widget (under “specials”) or HERE.

( See- Meijer coupons TUTORIAL!)

Sign-up for Meijer mPerks “digital coupon”.

“My Shopping List” Check off the items that you are wanting to buy this week at Meijer.You’ll then see your list pop-up on the lower right corner of your screen. Just print out the list and enjoy shopping!

This List Has Expired
10 for $10, Get the 11th Item FREE

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  1. 1

    I never got the ad preview in my email today :( Do I need to re-sign up or did others not get it today, too?

    • 2

      I never got it either. You can view it through the Saving Addiction link. =) I bet it will show up later today….

  2. 3

    I had a hunts pudding cup in my mperks account it was $.75/3

  3. 4

    I don’t see the Mentos gum in the ad. Are you sure it’s included in the 10 for 10 sale?

  4. 6

    Just wanted to let you know that your link for the Aunt Millie’s coupon on FB actually brings up the Aunt Jemima page…

  5. 8

    I cannot find the Pledge floor cleaner coupon. Is anyone else having the same trouble?

  6. 10

    The coupons for the chex mix are gone already.

  7. 11

    The meijer add was with the saturday preview sale.

  8. 12

    Check your mperks account for meijer pasta and sauce coupons.

  9. 13

    I haven’t gotten any email updates from your site all week. :(

  10. 14

    The Farm Rich snacks are listed as B2G1 in the ad, not BOGO.

  11. 15

    The Chex mix CAT worked great for me! got 15 bags for $0.40 total! Also, the CAT does roll so you can use it to buy more Chex mix.

  12. 16

    15 bags for 40 cents, talk about abusing the system. Sorry someone had to say it.

  13. 17

    I think your math is off on the Lipton Tea. It should be $.83 (They were on price drop to $2.22 at the Mt. Pleasant store making them $.72–an awesome deal!)

  14. 18

    Another deal to note:
    Hormel sliced peperoni is part of the 10/$10 and there was a .55/2 coupon that was printable on (maybe still?) =.45 each if your store doubles.

    Also look for $1.25/2 Kraft cheese blinkies (I found mine at Kroger) to bring the Kraft cheese down to $1.05 each.

  15. 19

    100ct Lipton Tea Bags on Price Drop for 2.78
    Deal Idea:
    Buy 2 Boxes @ 2.78 = 5.56
    – $3/2 Meijer Couon that’s IN THE SALES AD
    = $2.56 TOTAL (1.28 a box) (or .0128 a bag)

    Sweeten the deal a bit more if you were able to print the $1.00 off 1 100ct coupon a week or so ago. Makes them .56 total or .28 a box!

  16. 20

    This website/community, is about caring and sharing Broken. You can NOT abuse the system. This is true unless, you make copies of coupons, or use coupons on something the coupon clearly states it is not for. People like you ruin some of the newbies, or discourage them from sharing. Which means missing great deals. I don’t know about your meijer, but mine re-stocks several times a day on weekends, and many times through the week. Don’t worry…the house always wins. You might get free chex, but your milk, bread and eggs will be marked up 25 percent. Please if you have nothing nice to say…Well you should know the rest, Nobody NEEDS to say it. Cyber bully.

  17. 23

    Nice Dawn :)

  18. 24

    Check your mperks account!!! There was a $2/$2 purchase & they didn’t even text message me! :)
    Also, a few other mperks deals…
    $0.40/2 totinos pizza rolls, making them $0.55 each
    $0.50/2 pillsbury toaster strudel, making them $1.49 each

  19. 25

    just fyi, I went to the jenison meijer today and was told you are not supposed to use an mperks coupon and a manufacturers coupon for the same item. THe cashier said the whole point of mperks is so that you don’t use the paper coupons and that they’ve been having a problem with this and they are going to CRACK down! It was news to me… but thought I’d share in case there is any truth to it and something changes in the future.
    The funny thing is I only had an mperks coupon for one item, not really worth a reprimand in my book :)

    • 26

      I think that cashier is wrong. I shop at Jenison all the time. I use self checkout just because I don’t have to deal with the cashiers, don’t get me wrong they are not all rude but sometimes they can be so rude over coupons.

      • 27

        This is from Q&A from mperks. Q: Can mPerks (digital coupons) be used with Mealbox and (paper) manufacturer coupons?
        A: Only one manufacturer coupon and one Meijer coupon for the same item will be accepted (unless prohibited). Mealbox and mPerks coupons are considered Meijer coupons.

  20. 28

    I just clipped a coupon on mperks for $2 off 3 suave professionals. Can’t you use those along with a manufacturers coupon?

    • 29

      Lisa, yes you can use Mperks and Mealbox coupons with a man. coupon.

      However, I either go to Standale or Jenison Meijer, depending what errands Im running. I also go through the self check out to avoid rude cashiers. I had a guy tell me at Jenison, that they are cracking down with coupons. I just think some people are ACTUALLY abusing the system. Buying 40 bags of Chex is NOT abusing the system. As long as you get your coupons legally, way to go you!!! So many people are trying to ruin it for the others who are jsut trying to save, provide for our family, and try to help other as well.

  21. 30

    I’m relatively new to the couponing system and I’m happy to say that I’ve had nothing but helpful, often even cheerful cashiers. I shop at Rockford or Plainfield Meijers, and Plainfield or Nothland Drive Walgreens. At Plainfield Walgreens I’ve had chasiers tell me how to buy a cheap filler item when I messed up my # of items plan, and cheerfully help me sort out a mistake with buying razor refills instesd of razor starter packs (she was happy to refund the transaction and start over!). At both Meijers I’ve had cashiers compliment me on my savings total. Maybe it’s a north end thing:)

  22. 31

    Beth~ Thank you for noticing and praising the employees at our local stores! I also shop the same area and could not be more pleased…when using coupons or not. Blessings and Savings to you!

  23. 32

    i also shop at Rockford Meijers and they are always nice and helpful!

  24. 33

    I don’t post much, but I too get annoyed with people who clear the shelves on the first day of a sale. It is a rare occasion when I can EVER get regular Chex Mix when it is on a 10 for 10 sale (only the weird kinds end up left)….and that can be at either of the Meijer locations I shop at. It may be good for you to get 15 or 20, but it does make it not so nice for others when there are none left. It isn’t abusing the system, but is annoying for those of us regular people with 2-3 coupons, not 10. They may restock, but if it isn’t when you are there, you are out of luck.
    It is REALLY annoying when people clear the shelves on Sunday morning at small stores, like the little “country” Rite Aid by me, especially when it is with multiple loyalty cards. Just my two cents…
    Here’s hoping for some regular Chex Mix in Wyoming when I go tonight! :)

  25. 34

    This site is the furthest thing from abusing the system. It helps the system to work for you. Like you said Dawn, the house always wins! I can also see Sue’s point about people buying more than 2 or 3 items. I have that sometimes at the Holland Northside location. I tend to blame it on the store as they should “see us coming!” Anyway, let’s keep this site true to the character it was intended to have!


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