Meijer 1/8/12- 1/14/12

1/8/12- 1/14/11 sale at MEIJER!

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Our local Meijer stores DO NOT DOUBLE coupons, prices reflect this.

Meijer Coupons can be found on our sidebar on the Meijer Mealbox Widget (under “specials”) or HERE.

**How to print Meijer coupons TUTORIAL!**

Also, make sure to head over HERE and sign-up for a Meijer mPerks coupon account. (These are Meijer digital Coupons)

“My Shopping List” Check off the items that you are wanting to buy at Meijer this week. You will then see your list pop-up on the lower right corner of your screen. Just print out your list and enjoy shopping!

This List Has Expired

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  1. 1

    Is the $3 off 3 for the Koolaid Jammers regional? It was not in my add preview that I received in email.

  2. 4

    I think you posted some Rite Aid deals in the Meijer section:)

  3. 6

    i think laura is right. i had to check that one a few times. lol

  4. 7

    For the V8 coupons, they all link to the same page, so you can only print 2 total, so not 2 for each link.

  5. 8

    I’m so disappointed with the lack of coupons!! Sunday needs to come now!

  6. 9

    There is a $3.00 of 3 Nabisco snack cracker coupon in this coming Sunday’s Smartsource. That will make that deal even better!

  7. 10

    The Campbell’s Soup at Hand deal, if it’s anything like the soup deal this week, is not 100% correct. It printed out $1.25 CAT for my next order of Campbells soup, not for my next order. I was actually super excited about this CAT, but then got it on the soup and was disappointed. :(

  8. 11

    I don’t know if anyone else checked their mperks account this am but $1/3 kool-aid jammers, nabisco snack sack and many more. With the jammers that makes for 3 packs for .25 each!!

  9. 14

    There is a mperks for $1/5 Soup at Hand.

  10. 15

    I also had a $1/3 Koolaid Jammers, $1/6 Spagettio’s, $.50/2 Mac & Cheese cups 4 pk, $1/3 V8 Splash or smoothies, $1/2 Pace in my Mperks account. Also my select harvest soup coupon was $1/3!

  11. 16

    My mperks also had a coupon for Meijer frozen chicken breasts .. making that an awesome deal!

  12. 17

    I found an Mperks for 5.00 off 3 64 oz frozen boneless chicken breasts or tenders Meijer brand to go with the sale.

  13. 20

    I just got back from Meijer and did the Kool-aid Jammer deal, but at the two Meijer in Holland it did not have it posted so I just tried it and it worked but I believe it’s one per transaction because I tried to do two at a time and it only took off for one group of three. Does anyone know how long this deal is going on because I would like to get more and I didn’t see any signs to help me. TIA

  14. 21

    my soup at hand q is only for .50 off 2 not off 1.

  15. 22

    Does anyone else have trouble finding the Mperks coupon for Campbell’s tomato or chicken noodle soup? Its listed above for 40 cents off 3 but I’ve looked twice. Is it possible different people get different coupons? Thanks!

  16. 23

    I have a $1/2 Pace salsa mPerks!

  17. 24

    Are the organic Strawberries and apples on sale too? Unfortunately I have an anaphylactic reaction to the regular. :(

  18. 25

    Some Mperks every one gets, other ones only some people do. I don’t know why!
    Also, different Meijer stores have different sale prices and some sale items even. My local meijer does not have the cheap apples.

  19. 26

    With the mac-n-cheese, kool-aid jammers and nabisco tray packs deal, can you mix and match and still get the deal or does it have to be groups of three of each of the different kinds (example: 1 kool-aid jammer and 2 nabisco tray packs and still get the deal)?

  20. 27

    Anyone else having trouble with the koolaid jammers deal? The $3 instantly off 3 worked on my mac & cheese cups but did not work on my jammers….now reading someone elses comments above about one per transaction maybe that was the problem. Only one $3 instantly off between all the deals (jammers, mac & cheese, nabisco). Maybe I’ll go back again and try it in a seperate transaction.

  21. 28

    A few deals you missed with mperks are:
    -$1/2 45oz Prego Pasta Sauce (on sale 2/$5 making them 2/$4)
    -$1/2 1lb Oscar Mayer shaved lunchmeat (on sale 2/$5 making them 2/$4)
    -$1/2 Pure Protein Bars (on sale for $1 making them 2/$1)
    -$1/1 Meijer Mens 100ct multi-vitamin (on sale for BOGOF)
    -$1/1 Meijer Womens 100ct multi-vitamin (on sale for BOGOF)

    I also heard that the Teddy To Go Cups are on price drop for $1.19 and you can use the $3/3 manufactures coupon in the 1/8/12 SS making them $.19 each!

  22. 29

    Never mind I found the answer… you can mix and match

  23. 30

    I didn’t get the $3 off the snack packs from nabisco if it is unadvertised how do I get that or am I just out of luck?

  24. 31

    I did the Campbell’s soup deals and I think this match up is a bit off.
    One transaction I did 4 cans of select harvest and it printed a cat for $1.25 off of 5 cans of select harvest soup on next shopping trip.
    In another transaction I did 6 of the soup at hand as I needed 6 for the m-perks coupon. It printed $2 off my next shopping trip.
    I also did the Koolaid jammers and it gave me the $3 off instantly. I could only find one display of the stuff for the deal where you get $3 off and it did NOT say that you had to do each transaction on its own, but usually with deals like this it is one deal per order.

  25. 32

    Spent $70.00 at Meijer yesterday and saved $88.00. Super excited when I saved more than I spent. Got lots of great deals, thanks for all you do!!!!!

  26. 33
    Jennifer Bono says:

    Does anyone know with the koolaid jammers if i bought 6 would i get $6 off at the register or is it only limit 1 time per transaction?

  27. 35

    can you use the $3/3 nabisco coupon on the snack trays that are part of the buy 3 save 3?

  28. 36

    I bought 20 Beech-nut stage 2 foods and received a $4.00 coupon Oyno

  29. 37

    I did the Nabisco Snack Packs tonight (separate transaction) at Meijer in Jenison but it didn’t take off the $3 instantly. Anybody else have this problem?

  30. 38

    I bought 6 Dannon packs (2 Danonino packs and 4 Danimals drinkable yogurt packs) using 3 $1 off 2 coupons on meijermealbox. I got 100 bonus labels for education and a $3 off my next purchase catalina at the checkout. Not sure what qualifies for the catalina, but it was a surprise to me!

  31. 39

    Is there a certain zipcode for the $1/2 snack sack coupons on Not seeing under my normal zipcode. Thanks


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