Meijer 2/5/12- 2/11/12


2/5/12- 2/11/12

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Our local Meijer stores DO NOT DOUBLE coupons, prices reflect this.

Meijer Coupons can be found on our sidebar on the Meijer Mealbox Widget (under “specials”) or HERE.

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This List Has Expired

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  1. 1

    The sara lee coupon is already gone.

  2. 2

    You have the 26 DBL roll package of Angel Soft toilet paper for $12.99 after coupon. How does that equal out to .18 per roll? I get .50 per Dbl. roll which then equals .25 per roll. Just wondering. Thanks

  3. 5

    Too bad the Wishbone M-Perks is gone. :(

    • 6

      Ditto. I just checked 3 Mperks and no Wishbone or Ragu. Seriously?! It’s the first day of the sale. And think of the Meijer shoppers in areas where sales start on Thurs. HELLO MEIJER!!!!!

  4. 8

    There is also a $1/2 MPerks for Cheerios Multigrain in the new flavors, if included in the sale

  5. 9

    i have a wishbone and ragu mperk

  6. 10

    Below is the response I got from Meijer when I emailed them tonight about coupon discrepancies between different mPerks accounts (I did not get the Ragu coupon). Funny enough I have never bought Prego sauce and they say coupons are geared towards previous purchases. I just wish they would offer the same coupons to everyone. HTH…

    Hello Stefanie,

    Thank you for trying our mPerks program. Many of our mPerks coupons are assigned randomly and of course are rotated as they expire. Also, the selection of coupons is geared to your previous purchases using your mPerks number.

    Right now I see coupons for $1 off 2 Prego pasta sauce but none for Ragu. Please keep checking for the ones you want.


    Jan J

  7. 11

    Just returned from the Jenison Meijer – – – I attempted to use two of the $2 off the Angel Soft from – – – I had the correct packages – – – cashier stated that I was attempting to use a a fraudulent coupon – – – she had a couple of issues – – – with me – – – one that it said Walmart on it and I kindly told her that it was a manufactures coupon and that she said that Meijer is no longer accepting printable coupons because there are so many people like me that are attempting to use fraudlent coupons. I asked her to remove the toliet paper from my sales. Any suggestions.

    • 12

      I wondered the same thing, maybe it would work if you went through the self checkout….

    • 14

      the same thing happened to me with the angel soft and the cashier wouldn’t even scan it. i was kind of upset and i told her it was a manufacturers coupon… but she said they had gotten some calls today about it being bad? i got more frustrated on my way home and i called the store and the lead cashier said she hadn’t heard anything like that and she apologized. i don’t really like shopping at wal-mart but i happen to be going that way tomorrow so i will probably just pick it up there.

    • 15

      i went to the d&w on 28th and the cashier told me the same thing. i don’t go to that one anymore. i think every store is different, it may depend on if they’ve had issues. i was a a meijer using a ton of crystal light coupons and someone asked if i was just putting my shopping list into the coupon slot. i’m guessing people have done that before.

    • 16

      Worked fine for me at the Portage Meijer.

  8. 17

    It seems that maybe updated their site and now it won’t print my coupons. Is it my computer, or do you know how I can fix this?

    • 18

      I’ve been having the same problem and also was thinking it was on my end. Looking for solutions. These site usually worked the best of any I’ve tried.
      After my experience in Meijers – – see above, it makes you wonder if printable coupons are worth it if they are diffcult to print and then redeem.

  9. 20

    Alot of it depends on how the coupon is printed. I’ve had people tell me my coupons are fake because they weren’t printed in color…. I have a laser printer…. I’ve also been told they were copies when the reality was my printer was just running out of toner.

    Best thing you can do is to leave, don’t buy the item and try again at another store or on another day.

  10. 21

    Interesting information. I had wondered why the cashier at Meijer asked me if my coupons were copies. I always print my coupons in gray style to save on ink. She took them but I hope that it does not become a problem. Should the coupons be printed in color?

  11. 22

    When having issues using coupons, I would make sure to have the current copy of the Coupon Policy for Meijer and if you don’t get anywhere with the cashier ask to speak to the manager. I also suggest using the self checkouts if your store has them and I always try to have the same cashier!


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